Intro to me

Psychogeography is not very well known in the art world as a common practice, and literature on the subject is very limited and dates from 2000s. Psychogeography is a strange, however somewhat familiar term, meaning the study ‘…of the particular effects of a geographical environment, whether intentionally organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals’ (Debord,1955 & Coverley,2010). Psychogeography is based on the idea of the dérive, as it refers to a particular mode of walking, with the aim being to explore the impact of the environment on one’s own behaviors. The aim of this is to travel through places and spaces, outside the normal ‘A to B routine’ and become ‘disorientated’ by throwing oneself into new situations. This leads one to draw from these experiences with raw emotion and feelings, translating them into an art form (Bridger, 2014). Psychogeography is an important concept because it involves being alert to one’s visual and social surroundings…A.Orsler..

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